Monitor My Watershed Subscriptions
Why are Subscriptions Being Implemented?

Stroud Water Research Center is implementing a subscription plan for EnviroDIY and other streaming data to Monitor My Watershed. Subscriptions will cover Monitor My Watershed operating expenses, allowing us to fundraise for new features and enhanced functionality. We do not profit from these subscriptions; 100% of subscription funds will pay for Monitor My Watershed operating expenses.

Subscription Tiers

Monitor My Watershed will offer four subscription tiers to match your level of utilization.

  • Free ($0 monthly)
    Up to 1 active site.
  • Small ($9 monthly or $99 annually)
    Up to 3 active sites.
  • Medium ($49 monthly or $588 annually)
    Up to 15 active sites.
  • Large ($199 monthly or $2,388 annually)
    Up to 60 active sites.

How to Purchase a Subscription

Subscriptions can be purchased with a credit card from the Monitor My Watershed Shop.