Leaf Pack Experiment Details at VLAWMO-2 station at Cty Rd F Flume
Placement Information

Placement Date Oct. 18, 2019
Number of Packs Placed 1
Placement Air Temperature 18.3 °C
Placement Water Temperature 11.1 °C
Stream Habitat Type Run
Leaf Pack Type and Composition

Predominant Leaf Species:


Retrieval Information

Retrieval Date Nov. 10, 2019
Number of Packs Retrieved 1
Retrieval Air Temperature 0.5 °C
Retrieval Water Temperature 2.4 °C
Storm and Non-Storm Events

Did storms occur while your leaf packs were in the stream? No
Did flooding occur? No
Was this site experiencing a drought during your experiment? No

Summary Analysis
Results Overview

Total Number of Individuals Found 8
Pollution Tolerance Index Score 4
Pollution Tolerance Index Rating Poor - Severe pollution likely
Percent EPT 0.00%


We believe we found 2 sowbugs and dozens of small black flea like jumping bugs.